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Monday, 6 October 2014

RapidMiner Resources advanced videos

After a bit of work. I'm pleased to say I've completed the RapidMiner Resources advanced videos and they'll be available on the RapidMiner Resources site soon.

I maintain meta data about the videos and operators and for fun, I've made a process using this data and a new operator I've discovered called "Transition Graph". This is a candidate for "operators that deserve to be better known" because it allows pretty graphs to be drawn.

The meta data I keep records the main operators each video uses as well as the overall running time of the video and the course which it is classified as. Here's a process that takes this data and allows different graphs to be drawn to show which operators are used in which video as well as which video uses which operator.

A brief note on the names - I've prepended "o" for operator and "v" for video to make things clear.

Here is a graph showing that the "Generate Macro" operator is important in 5 videos

Here is another graph that shows the most important operators used by the video called "Macros".

Here's another that shows which operators are covered by each course and what overlap there is.

The process reads a CSV file (here) to generate these graphics. Of course, as time goes on, I will add new videos so the data in the process is a snapshot as at early October 2014. Nonetheless, please feel free to download the process and data and play around with the results to see the videos I have created and the operators that are covered.

The next videos to do are about text mining...

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