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Sunday, 3 August 2014

New videos coming soon

I've created another set of videos. These are slightly more advanced and tend to combine more operators together to tell a story.

Here's a graphic using RapidMiner's advanced plotting capabilities that shows the video names and the main operators explained during the video.

They'll be available on the RapidMinerResources site very soon.

I plan to do some new ones over the next few months and the question is what do I choose?

My current candidate list is.

  • Groovy Dark Arts
  • Text Processing 
  • Web Mining
  • Time Series in more detail
  • RapidMiner Server
Each would translate to between 10 and 20 videos. 

To help me decide which one I will do next, I'd be happy to get feedback. So please leave a comment and it will certainly help me.

Edit: I took the liberty of doing a mini survey at the RapidMiner World conference. The results are shown here

 I'll take notice of this and give some focus to Text Mining and RapidMiner Server.

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