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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Random walk in 3D

Here's a process that draws a pretty picture of a random walk in 3 dimensions in 3D.

OK - you have to work at it. But by squinting at the screen and going cross-eyed so the right side image appears in your left eye and the other in your right, you should see a 3 dimensional view of a random walk.

You may have to adjust the width of your window and who knows what else to make the images appear side by side. Persistence is valuable.

The colour of the points is set by the id. Blue is near 0 and red is at the end of the series. In this case, 2000 data points.

The process uses macros and the Loop Example operator to calculate a random amount to add to each data point. Use of the Integrate operator builds a cumulative example set where each example depends on the ones before it.

The process has the random seed set to -1. This means that it is very unlikely that the picture shown here will ever be recreated again.

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