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Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I had to transform some XML from one format to another recently for a cool thing that I am doing at the moment - more details soon with luck ;).

The XML in question was contained in a lot of files and I couldn't face editing them so I decided to embrace the power of XSLT and get the transformation done automatically using RapidMiner.

It turned out to be really quite easy and in the interests of giving something back I made a simple version of the process that shows it working.

Here is the process.

This is the input XML (a copy of the XML for a RapidMiner process as it happens)

Close examination shows it contains 5 operators.

The XSLT document input to the "Process XSLT" operator is shown below.

This finds all the operators with name attributes within the input XML and for each writes out the name and also finds and writes out the corresponding class attribute all within a new XML document.

The result of this is shown here.

It has correctly found the 5 operators in the original XML document and has written the name and class for each in a new XML document.

Very cool and powerful and it turned out to be quite easy. The hard bit is knowing how to create the XSLT transform.

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