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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bulk export of processes

I am doing something at the moment which requires me to to export a load of processes contained in folders within a single repository to a single disk location. Rather than do it one by one which is error prone and time consuming, I decided to make a RapidMiner process to do the export.

It turns out that the files in the repository with the extension .rmp are valid xml files that can be imported so all I did was point a Loop Files operator at the folder where my repository was and looked for files ending in .rmp. Inside this loop, I used the Generate Macro operator to generate the new location and the Copy File operator to copy the file from the repository to the new location.

The location of the repository and the location where the files to be copied are defined in macros in the process context. Set these to the values you want. Note that on Windows machines it is necessary to use double backslashes to delimit folders.

The process is here.

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